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Digital X-Rays

Safely and effectively look inside your teeth, gums and jaw.

Highly detailed images and important information can be obtained through the use of X-rays. Dr. Choi uses digital X-rays to safely and effectively look inside your teeth, gums and jaw to diagnose problems that would otherwise remain hidden. However, X-rays can be harmful and can even cause cancer with prolonged exposure, which is why heavy lead vests are used. That potential danger is one of the reasons why Dr. Choi uses a digital X-ray system at his office. As well as providing one of the highest quality digital images, it also reduces the amount of radiation by 80 percent when compared to traditional X-ray systems. It is a great asset to have in our office.

Below is a list of daily activities and the amount of radiation from each as compared to digital X-rays.

  • 1 Bitewing X-ray – 0.1 mrem
  • 1 Round Trip Cross Country Flight – 5 mrem
  • 1 year Natural Sunlight Radiation – 35 mrem
  • 1 year Food and Water (radioactive trace elements) – 40 mrem
  • 1 year Normal Breathing (radon in the air air) – 228 mrem
  • 1 Full Body CT Scan – 1,000 mrem
  • First Clinical Signs of Radiation Injury – 10,000 mrem