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Root Canal Therapy

Gentle root canal treatment in a comfortable environment.

Each tooth in your mouth is its own living entity. Within a tooth is a canal or multiple canals that contain an artery, vein, and nerve. Collectively this is known as the pulp. Root canals are preformed when decay gets too close to the pulp, the nerve within the tooth suffers irreversible trauma, or because of an infection. Dead tissue becomes trapped inside the tooth and, if not treated, begins to decay the root or may cause an infection.

Root canal procedures have been a staple of restorative dentistry for generations and have garnered a negative reputation among patients. Each root canal procedure is unique and dependent on the current state of the tooth needing treatment. To treat an infected tooth we access the nerve by drilling a small hole on top of the tooth to expose the pulp chamber. We then remove the infected nerve tissue and sterilize the canals. The sterile canal is filled with an innate material and sealed.

Chart - Root Canal Therapy

The follow up after root canal therapy is covering the treated tooth with a crown so that the endodontically treated tooth will be protected.  While some root canal treated teeth don’t need to have a crown placed after treatment, crowns provide the best long-term protection.

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