While routine dental visits and good dental hygiene at home are great defenses against tooth decay, your child may still develop a cavity. If our dentists notice a cavity forming during your child’s dental exam, they can use a dental filling to repair your child’s tooth. Plus, Dr. Ryan Choi, Dr. Richard Choi, and their team will ensure that your child remains comfortable throughout their treatment. To schedule your child’s dental filling in San Francisco, California, we welcome you to call us today at 415-986-1491.

Routine dental visits and consistent dental hygiene habits are some of the best ways to help your child prevent tooth decay. However, because children are more prone to tooth decay, it is possible that your child may still develop a cavity, or a small hole in the tooth’s surface. When this happens, it is important that your child receive the proper dental care to prevent their tooth decay from getting worse and causing additional problems.

To repair your child’s cavity, our dentists will use a dental filling. Before beginning the procedure, we will numb the area around the damaged tooth. We will then remove the damaged and decayed portions of the tooth, and clean it thoroughly. Once the tooth is ready, our dentists will add the filling and ensure that it fits your child’s tooth and bite.
We understand that visiting the dentist may be difficult for some children. At our practice, we do all that we can to ensure that your child remains comfortable, relaxed, and calm during their treatment. To learn more, and to schedule your child’s appointment, we welcome you to call or visit our practice today.