Drs. Choi & Choi, and our dental team are dedicated to providing outstanding dental care in a comfortable, friendly environment. If you would like to learn what their experiences are when they visit our office, feel free to browse our reviews. Our patients are loyal to our dentists and team in San Francisco, California, because of our excellent services and customer service. Please contact our dental office today to learn more about us and to schedule your next visit.

The very best !!!!! Look no further, San Francisco.

– Robert W Boyle

Ryan Choi is not only a very knowledgeable dentist but a very genuine and friendly person. Made my last check up such a comfortable visit and I will definitely go back!

– Mathias Paumgarten

Ryan Choi is great, excellent teeth service and very friendly!!

– Jan Van den Broeck

Dr. Ryan Choi provided an excellent cleaning session and upkeep tips today. His friendly, professional, and seamless dentistry services are seriously top notch. The staff is wonderful, flexible, knowledgeable, and I’m lucky to have found his office – I look forward to coming back for my next visit. Highly recommended to anyone looking for an expert, kind, affordable, and convenient dentist in North Beach. Two thumbs up!

– Sebastien P.

Dr Choi’s dentistry has been our family dentist for over 30 years. Even though our family moved out of the city years ago, we have all still been going to this office from our home in San Mateo.

Recently I had to change insurance plans and unfortunately was no longer able to see Dr Choi. As I picked up a new plan and dentist in San Mateo I went in for a regular cleaning with the new dentist. With the first visit came the usual X-rays of my teeth. Upon looking over my teeth the new dentist found what looked like a cavity and was pushing to charge me $650 for a new crown. Suspicious of this I sent the X-rays to Dr Choi for a second opinion… after a followup visit it was determined the work the other dentist recommended was not necessary.

What a relief!! As a young person navigating the health care and dentistry worlds I could have easily been taken for a sucker! It’s hard to find honest, dependable and friendly health care providers/dentists. So when you do, make sure to keep them!!

5/5 stars for this practice.

– Greg D.

After moving to San Francisco, I was directed to a certain dentist (who shall remain anonymous) in the FiDi who scared me so badly I “didn’t have the time” to go to another dentist for about 2 years thereafter (prior to that experience, I was a model patient, visiting my dentist every 6 months on the dot). I finally went to see Dr. Ryan Choi (Dr. Richard Choi’s son) and was so incredibly pleased that I made my next appointment on the spot and, upon arriving back to work, told all of my coworkers to make an appointment.

Dr. Choi was kind, patient, and knowledgeable. He was fantastic in alleviating my fears before sitting down, as well as throughout the entire visit. He was gentle, yet thorough and thoughtful enough to check in every once in a while to make sure I was still doing okay. I couldn’t recommend this office more highly if I tried!

– Lindsay H.

Ryan is great, both me and my boyfriend went to see him and we were treated very well. He is a no drama doctor, giving accurate diagnosis and optimal solutions for your oral health. He helped me tackle with several issues from orthodontics, gum disease and cavity. He was honest and patient and did a great job at helping me get rid of all these issues either himself (fillings, cleaning etc) or recommending me to specialists ( gum issues). I have had some negative experiences in the city and finding Dr. Choi has been a blessing! Affordable prices, honesty and professionalism with a friendly attitude! Strongly recommended!

– Anastasia B.

After half a year of eating and drinking indiscriminately, one, check your pulse. You good? Okay. Two, it’s time to book an appointment with Dr. Choi.

For the past 10 years, Dr. Choi has been my family dentist. I have childhood memories of furiously brushing the night before visits and getting to choose a toy from the little treasure box afterwards. His son joined him in the past year and I’ve had my teeth cleaned by both. They’re thorough, getting between the cracks and into the gum line. I always come out shades whiter. I’ve also had several fillings done and they’ve been relatively painless.

– Mimi X.

Finding a good dentist is like trying to find a free parking spot in Russian Hill: nearly impossible, but oh-so-satisfying when completed.

Finding an excellent dentist is like trying to find a free parking spot in Russian Hill that doesn’t require reverse parallel parking up a 85% hill: one in a million, and you feel like shouting from the rooftops upon securely shifting into “P” — but you almost want to keep the secret spot to yourself.

In the spirit of altruism, I’m sharing my gem. Dr. Choi and his staff are WONDERFUL! Flexible appointment times, kind & friendly service and a good all ’round honest and trustworthy experience. In and out in a breeze — and with a smile on my face.

I’m a recent patient, but I can just *tell* that this will be my dentist for years to come.

– Lacey B.

I don’t understand how equipment can be “outdated” if it does exactly the same job as the newest equipment and does it just as well. Do people need it to be shinier? More aerodynamic? Perhaps it should have an atomic clock or something mounted in it? If the good doctor is coming at me with some Roman Empire-era contraption or a tool reminiscent of Inquisition torture devices, then I might find some more current dental technologies to be preferable. But things are just fine in Dr. Choi’s office as they are and I’m more concerned with my dentist’s knowledge and skill than the toys he employs to accomplish his task.

Dr. Choi’s staff are friendly and courteous as is the doctor himself and they do a fine job of taking care of myself and my dependents. Add this to the fact that his office is just steps from my front door and I’m all set!

– M M.