At our office, Drs. Choi & Choi and our team are proud to provide dental care for children of all ages. We realize how important it is to begin your child’s dental care at an early age. There are several reasons why our dentists may recommend a stainless steel dental crown in San Francisco, California, for a child, including:

  • To restore a tooth that is too damaged by decay to support a dental filling
  • To protect your child’s teeth if they are at high risk for tooth decay. This may be the case if your child has difficulty with daily oral hygiene
  • To decrease the use of general anesthesia for a child who is unable to cooperate during dental care because of age, behavior, or medical history

Your child’s stainless steel crown will be placed over his or her primary tooth after the tooth has been shaped to allow room for it. Stainless steel crowns do not require multiple dental visits to be placed, so they are cost effective. When your child’s baby tooth falls out to allow room for the adult, or permanent, tooth, the stainless steel crown will naturally come out with it.

Feel free to contact our office at 415-986-1491 today to learn more and to schedule your child’s next visit.