Pediatric Dentistry 101

Are you curious about the basics of pediatric dentistry? We all know the medical field is different between children and adults, and in the world of dentistry, that is no different. Having a pediatric dentist examine your child can help them develop good oral habits and oral health. Here at... Read more »

How to Prevent Cavities from Harming Your Smile

When it comes to cavities, there are things you can actively do to protect your smile. Our team at the dental office of Richard Choi, DMD & Ryan Choi, DMD, love helping our patients in San Francisco, California create healthy, beautiful smiles. Today we would like to share our cavity... Read more »

Welcome to Our New Blog!

Here at Richard Choi, DMD & Ryan Choi, DMD, we endeavor to use our new blog as a regular means for publishing valuable content for our community through monthly blog posts. Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, we’re able to further explore some of the most important topics pertaining... Read more »