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Have you recently discovered you’re pregnant? While pregnancy is a very exciting time, it also has a big impact on your smile. We offer some tips to help you take care of your oral health during pregnancy so that you can maintain your beautiful smile:

– Maintain your oral hygiene habits. It’s important to brush your teeth morning and night, floss on a daily basis and use mouthwash regularly. These practices can help protect the state of your smile by protecting you from developing gum disease, tooth decay and other dental problems.

– Eat a healthy diet. Eating a diet that is healthy and balanced can help you keep your teeth and gums strong and healthy. We encourage you to eat lots of fruits and vegetables and reduce the amount of snacking you do. If you experience a lot of nausea that affects your eating habits, you are welcome to speak with Dr. Drs. Choi & Choi about additional advice.

– Visit the dentist regularly. We encourage you to visit our office every six months since pregnant women can be at an increased risk of gum disease due to an increase in oral bacteria that leads to more buildup of plaque and tartar. Our team can help remove this plaque and tartar from around the teeth and gums to protect your oral health.

– Reduce your exposure to oral acid. Unfortunately, women who experience morning sickness can also have increased risks for their teeth because of the high amounts of stomach acid in their mouths. When acid coats the teeth, it can erode tooth enamel and cause the development of tooth sensitivity and tooth decay. You can protect your mouth by rinsing with water mixed with some baking soda to stop acid from weakening your teeth.

If you have additional concerns about protecting your smile during your pregnancy, we invite you to call Richard Choi, DMD & Ryan Choi, DMD at 415-986-1491 for a checkup with our dentist to discuss your oral health in San Francisco, California.