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If you have a toothache, you most likely wonder what is causing it. Toothaches can be very inconvenient, painful, and troublesome, which can lead to wanting to treat it as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are many things that can cause a toothache, and our dentists, Drs. Choi and Choi, are happy to tell you all about them so you can know how to eliminate the pain. The most common causes of toothaches are:

-Something stuck between your teeth: This is a simple cause that can be treated right away. All you need to do is grab your floss and clean each side of the painful tooth. The floss should remove the substance that is causing the pain. You can also swish with water or saltwater to ease the discomfort.

-A damaged tooth or dental restoration: Sometimes a cracked or chipped tooth can cause discomfort. A damaged dental restoration can also cause the discomfort because it can apply pressure to the tooth. In this case, it’s best to see your dentist.

-Tooth decay: A cavity is a common cause of a toothache. This is because decay has attacked and worn down your tooth enamel. It’s best to get it treated right away so the cavity doesn’t get worse. An infection in the tooth or gums can also cause a toothache. If you have an abscess, it’s important to visit your dentist immediately.

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