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As the holiday season progresses, leaving plates of cookies and tables loaded with delicious food wake, keeping your teeth and gums healthy is more important than ever. Our team here at Richard Choi, DMD & Ryan Choi, DMD encourages you to prevent tooth decay by practicing healthy dental habits every day.

We have provided a list of the most important dental tools to help maintain your oral health through the holiday season:

– Toothbrush: A soft-bristled toothbrush is typically ideal. If you are unsure whether to choose a manual toothbrush or an electric one, we encourage you to use whichever style fits your personal preference. What’s important is remembering to brush every day and bring a toothbrush with you if you are travelling to see family.

– Toothpaste: You can choose from dozens of types of toothpaste, and the one that will work best for your depends on your personal dental needs. A cavity-fighting toothpaste will be most efficient in preventing tooth decay in your smile.

– Floss: Flossing is a commonly neglected step in oral hygiene, yet it is very important to your oral health. Floss removes food particles and sugary substances that have accumulated between your teeth and deep within the gum line. Many people find that waxed floss is usually easier to use than unwaxed floss, but both types of floss will help keep your smile in good health when used daily.

– Mouthwash: This liquid flushes the remaining bacteria from your tongue, teeth, and gums, and many mouthwashes possess powerful abilities to reduce the risk of cavities and keep your smile looking polished.

For more information on which dental tools can prevent cavities, please call Richard Choi, DMD & Ryan Choi, DMD at 415-986-1491 today. We would be happy to schedule a dental visit with you and our dentists to help you reduce your risk of tooth decay in San Francisco, California.